To decorate the shortcomings of stairs in modern houses is always a difficult problem for homeowners? Understanding that, Morehome furniture offers suggestions on beautiful staircase partitions that help to divide the space space clearly and make the house more luxurious and impressive.

1. Why use stair partitions?

Wooden staircase

Any living space of a villa, a pipe house, a semi-detached house … cannot lack a beautiful staircase to move up and down. Leaving the usual stair railings is boring and not highly aesthetic >>> So, the partitions between the living room and the stairs up and down were created to erase the monotony and cover Take these shortcomings, make the stairs more modern, luxurious, especially not occupy much of the used area.
Owning a beautiful and luxurious living space is always the motivation of everyone and this is considered one of the creative interior products selected by many customers, not too expensive. bring high aesthetic value.

2. Most popular wooden staircase models:

Staircase has many styles, designs, materials and colors from steel bulkheads, plastic partitions, concrete partitions … But the most popular are still beautiful wooden partition walls by luxury weight, class, closeness and warmth that it brings.
Wood materials used for stair partitions are mainly: natural wood (ash wood, oak, walnut) or industrial wood (veneer, MDF, MFC ..). Whether made of industrial wood or natural wood, this design also aims at the most beautiful and convenient to bring a perfect living space to customers.

2.1 Simple staircase of blue bars:

Wooden staircase

Wood lamination is simply a familiar solution from the past to present, has never been “fad” in the trend of home furnishing. The space becomes more airy, while covering the stairs up and down you don’t want to see.
>>>> Staircase and living room do not need too sophisticated design. Depending on the design of the house, the space of your area and your personal preferences, you can choose from the most suitable models.

Wooden staircase
The walls of the living room and the staircase with vertical wooden bars are quite thick and firm.

Wooden staircase
Decorated walls with vertical wooden bars help cheat the height of the room space very effectively.
Wooden staircase
These horizontal bars are also an idea to make stair partitions interesting right?

Wooden staircase
Along a living space but changing the staircase will give you different impressions and feelings.

2.2 Staircase walls in decorative shelves:

Wooden staircase

A beautiful, eye-catching living space is often indispensable to the skillful hands of women. Does your home have a lot of decorations, souvenirs, medals or trophies? You want a solemn place to display, to be proud of what you have ?. So why wait any longer that you do not apply immediately to the wall of wooden stairs.

Wooden staircase
Shelf-shaped staircase beautifully decorated in harmony with the interior space, is an impeccable highlight.

2.3 Wooden staircase partition cut into cnc pattern:

Wooden staircase

>>> See more beautiful cnc partition walls for interior decoration.

With the support of modern machines – CNC lathe machine has created many unique, eye-catching, meticulously-designed CNC stair partitions. The sharp and delicate patterns and flowers to every small detail make a strong impression as soon as you step into the house. This is also the most sought-after staircase model, always satisfy all customers even the most fastidious customers.

2.4 Wooden staircase partition incorporating TV shelves:

Wooden staircase

With a narrow area of ​​space where the city is expensive and crowded with people, the design of the staircase combined with TV is a perfect solution and aesthetically pleasing and maximizing the utility Homeowner’s use. It’s convenient, right.

Wooden staircase
The broken vertical bars combined with this simple TV shelf are unique features for a more impressive and new room space.

3. The advantages that this staircase brings:

Wooden staircase

Is it not natural that customers choose to decorate their houses with these staircases instead of the old traditional materials? Why? It is because of the following advantages:

  • Highly aesthetic – is an impressive highlight for living space.
  • Easy to design, construct, install.
  • Later if you do not like easy replacement.
  • Safety protection for traveling on stairs.
  • The space inside is still airy and full of light.
  • Low cost is suitable for the income of most Vietnamese people.

>>> These are good ideas for designing partitions between living rooms and stairs up and down, what are we waiting for without applying these suggestions to our living space?
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