Unexpectedly recovered land, businesses pressing

 Wei Xern Sin Co., Ltd. (Taiwan) said that it has sent the 5th complaint to the People’s Committee of Da Nang City about this business being rented land in Hoa Khanh Industrial Park for delivery to another enterprise .

Talking to CafeLand, Mr. Chiu Cheng Tsai, Director of Wei Xern Sin, said the land acquisition at his unit did not accompany the decision to recover the land in accordance with the law. And so far, the land recovered is still misused, making businesses very frustrated.

Naturally losing land that is renting

In a complaint document, Wei Xern Sin said that it had invested in Vietnam since 1993 with the initial industry of producing votive paper, incense sticks and bamboo sticks. On July 14, 1993, the Prime Minister issued a decision to lease 50,000 m2 of land to the enterprise, with a unit price of US $ 0.06 / m2 / year to deploy the project in Hoa Khanh Industrial Park (Da Nang). .


The complaint filed by Wei Xern Sin for the fourth time is still unanswered.

Since then, in 2008, the enterprise has been stable and has been granted a land use right certificate of 50,000 m2 leased by the People’s Committee of Da Nang.

In 2009, carrying out the policy of changing the industry to limit the environmental pollution of the locality, Wei Xern Sin Company moved to the model of building a factory for lease and was accepted by the government, agreeing to lease the part. area of ​​50,000 m2.

In November 2009, Da Nang People’s Committee issued an official letter to allow enterprises to keep the land rent with the leased land area. The enterprise has received the 3rd investment license with the content of the project being implemented in two phases: 30,000 m2 used for construction and operation since the second quarter of 2011; The next 20,000 m2 will be built and used from June 2015.

All problems started from 2015, when businesses applied for construction permits in the land area of ​​20,000 m2 of phase 2 without being answered by the authorities. The company Wei Xern Sin has repeatedly written requests to implement its project, but still has no response.

Suddenly until August 2016, the enterprise received an official dispatch from Da Nang City People’s Committee to hand over 11,000 m2 out of 20,000 m2 to wait for the construction permit, to hand over to other enterprises.


Dispatch of land recovery company Wei Xern Sin

“We were very surprised by this decision, because we did not violate any regulations on land lease. We are looking forward to using up all of the leased land. We have also fulfilled our financial obligations, paid enough rent to 2023. So why can’t we rent 11,000 m2 more land? ”Asked Chiu Cheng Tsai.

However, accepting the direction, this enterprise still re-assigned the leased land to Da Nang Industrial and Export Processing Zones (formerly). What makes this business uneasy is that the locality has not issued any decision of land acquisition, only one land acquisition and delivery of 11,000 m2 has paid the rent of the company Wei Xern Sin for other enterprises to manage. .

Difficulty demanding land

According to research, on March 17, 2017, Da Nang authorities issued an official dispatch to hand over 11,000 m2 of land recovered from Wei Xern Sin Company to invest in agriculture and forestry, to invest in a refining factory. mineral capacity of 100,000 tons / year.

But according to Chiu, since receiving the handover, this enterprise does not have any investment in construction. Recently, the site of 11,000 m2 of land has excavators, excavating vehicles, exploiting white sand underground to transport elsewhere.

Unexpectedly recovered land, businesses pressing

Motor vehicles are exploiting white sand at the reclaimed land of Wei Xern Sin, but no one is responsible for organizing.

“We suspect there is a white sand mining activity taking place, which is not in line with the planning of Hoa Khanh Industrial Zone,” Chiu said, adding that this IP prohibits mineral exploitation on the spot. Currently, the company does not know which unit is exploiting the surface with 11,000 m2 of this land. “So did the local government recover the land we rented to use the unknown purpose?” Chiu asked.

Responding to the questions of Mr. Chiu, the representative of NLF said that in the long run, this enterprise has not received the land handover in Hoa Khanh Industrial Park.

“In the past, we have registered investment projects for mineral refining, but since we have not received the rented premises, we are no longer implementing projects. At the site of the dispatch, we have gathered some white sand minerals before, with clear licenses, we only gathered to transport them, ”said the representative.

But with the question about the license to register white sand, and in fact whether the enterprise now manages the recovered land area of ​​Wei Xern Sin Company, this enterprise makes an appointment to answer later.

Contact Da Nang Industrial and Technology Management Board, the unit managing Hoa Khanh Industrial Park, CafeLand also did not receive a direct reply, but only the current information, Da Nang Inspector is coming to clarify the case. .

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment has also issued a written response to the complaint of the enterprise, asking Da Nang to check why the company Wei Xern Sin has been rented. The answer to this case will continue to wait for the Da Nang authorities