When designing house furniture , we should pay attention to color as well as how to match the color of your home with aesthetic as well as feng shui to help bring good luck. as well as fortune to your home.

Avoid using black

Interior design of villas should avoid the use of excessive black colors in the design. Black is a color that embodies a beauty of mystery and elegance. However, according to feng shui, the black color belongs to the water, in terms of aesthetic, the black color creates a tragedy so the interior construction design avoids using this color, if the owner is too fond of black, it is necessary scaled as well as the layout of furniture in the most appropriate way.

Taboo when choosing colors in interior decoration

The neoclassical interior design should use the same tones as above will give an impression.

Should use red

Red according to the concept of the Eastern people, especially in China, red represents the luck and wealth as well as the rich. So this color is very popular in the holidays. As for Westerners, the red color symbolizes love for courage, passion and charm.


Taboo when choosing colors in interior decoration

Modern space for great ideas.


However, the use of red in villa design especially for wall painting is not so because red is often too dazzling to create afflictions as well as fatigue for those who are in space but have too much presence of this color.

Bedroom should not use orange or pink

Orange is often referred to as social because it carries too much energy, increasing communication stimulation. With orange tones that are the key in interior construction design, it will suit the living room space because it makes your room not too prominent but not too boring.



With the design of using pink tones, it makes us think about what is gentle, but with pink, it will really be suitable for the younger ones because of the couples because it is so childish and always makes me relate to the naive and innocent things of children.

With what we share to you through this article, we hope to help you get more interesting orientations on how to choose the right colors for the bedroom space, not only for you but also for members. another in your family.