The secret of interior garden cafe design makes thousands of people fall in love


Features of current and future garden cafe interior design

Interior design of garden cafe is a combination of cafe and green space, so it needs a spacious and airy area.

Wide area will help you develop more design ideas, not limited in space and at the same time, it will attract more customers to come to the shop.

Cafe garden towards quietness so the sound of the music should be small, depending on the time, the light in the evening is not too dazzling, light light, gloomy create a romantic space will be more appropriate.

1. Designing garden cafe furniture – expanding space close to nature

No need to say much about the design of garden cafe, people also envisioned and know this is the style of cafe close to nature. However, at the present time, the real garden style cafe designs that customers love are not too much.

Garden cafe must have space close to nature

The cause of these designs, although paying a large amount, is still ineffective because the design space is not really harmonious and takes points from customers.

Interior design of a beautiful garden cafe does not focus on the wall decoration but the arrangement and arrangement of space in the cafe. The design of green space needs to be reasonable, evenly distributed, not too focused and not too sketchy in combining gardens and cafe space.

2. Select materials and scenes

Green trees are selected as low canopy trees, not too luxuriant, always trimmed to make the plants look beautiful and full of life, with energy sources with customers. Besides, you can put pretty small pots on the table with various colors as a highlight. Don’t forget to design the roof system when it rains!

Small trees, small flower pots create an extremely beautiful space

3. Design interior garden cafe furniture by taking advantage of natural light

A minus point for the current garden cafes is often the abuse of electric lights, while the light contributes a very important part in the design of a beautiful garden café.

Interior design of garden cafe should take advantage of natural light

Now the electric light is very beautiful but it should only be used at night because it will make people feel uncomfortable in the daytime, but the natural light is different and feels very good. cheery. Especially natural light will help the air more fresh and air conditioning extremely well.

4. Interior design creates a unique highlight for the cafe

A cafe is preferred when it must have differences that cannot be mass, cannot be trivial, garden cafe must be designed separately with its own designs.

A cafe is attractive and makes customers love when it is unique and has a highlight

Especially we can choose interior design with tables and chairs and green trees to scrape the attraction of the restaurant.

So in the above article, I shared the experience of interior garden cafe design and hope that you have the knowledge to design the choice for your cafe space to be more attractiv