Marvel at the smart interior design


What is smart furniture?

Smart furniture or sometimes called versatile furniture is furniture that integrates many functions in the same product. Or furniture that when needed can change the texture to turn into another furniture.

Why should smart furniture be used?

With the same area if you use smart furniture instead of using normal furniture, you will get the following utilities:

  • Save space, save map space: When buying a lot of furniture, serving different functions, you will waste space to those furniture. With smart furniture, it is still fully functional but the storage space is less than half or less. With the interior design for small condominiums , it is necessary to calculate the amount of space used bit by bit. Smart furniture is a great choice.
  • Convenience in living: Instead of running back and forth to be able to use the functions, you just need to stand where everything is around you.

Smart apartment interior design

Smart furniture is very suitable for interior design of apartments, especially small apartments. Because with only a certain area, every homeowner wishes to have full use, beautiful and still wide and open. Smart interior design is the perfect choice to achieve those goals.

Some small apartment interior designs use smart furniture

With a studio-like apartment like this, a staircase bed is placed on a system that just sits and rests.

Smart interior studio apartment 1

Sleeping and storage areas are designed above the TV shelves and kitchen cabinets

Smart interior impressive

Some smart interior models for you to choose from

Today there are many smart interior models for you to choose from depending on your family needs

  • Cabinets combine TV shelves and bookshelves

Combining cabinets, TV shelves and bookshelves

Smart interior children’s room

  • Bed on top, under use as bed or study table
  • One system consists of beds, tables and chairs and a changing room

Dressing room under bed combined with furniture 1

Dressing room under bed combined with table and chair 2

  • A set of bed, table and chair and working corner

Sleep, receive guests and work on the same furniture

Bed combined with sofa

  • The bed combines the bottom storage

Storage room under the bed

  • Combined cabinets and beds

Cabinet, bed

  • Cabinets, beds, bookshelves, study tables

Bed systems, cabinets, bookshelves, study tables

  • Bed and workplace

Sleeping corner working

  • Types of smart furniture

The desk incorporates folded bookshelves

Folding table neatly folded on the wall

Compact dining tables and chairs

Inventors increasingly create a variety of smart furniture that makes life in small houses much more comfortable, comfortable and comfortable.

The interior design of this smart apartment is really suitable for small apartments. But if your apartment has a large area, but you want a lot of free space for your children to play around, you should also use this type of furniture.

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