LG Korean vinyl flooring is one of the flooring materials used in Vietnam market. There have been many factory and office projects even the hotel has trusted and chose LG plastic flooring for floor design.

Plastic flooring

Size of Vinyl Flooring LG:

There are the following sizes:

– Rolls: 2m x 20m x 2mm thick, 3mm

– Sheet form: 152.4mm x 914.4mm x 3mm, 457.4mm x 457.4mm x 3mm, 600mm x 600mm x 3mm

Structure of the floor: LG plastic flooring is structured from many different layers: solid monolithic base layer, layer shaped floor structure, vignette layer and the top is surface coating. The monolithic layer of LG floor helps the damping floor better than other types of flooring, providing safety during use, can bear high load.

Plastic flooring

LG Korean vinyl flooring includes the following types:

– Fake vinyl flooring, fake vinyl flooring, fake vinyl flooring, PVC Deco tile floors

– LG non-slip vinyl flooring

– LG antistatic ESD floor

– LG rubber flooring

– PVC Tile LG floor

– LG versatile sports floor

– Uniform vinyl flooring for LG hospital

Advantages of LG vinyl flooring:

Plastic flooring

LG plastic flooring is a product line designed specifically for areas with high density, many passersby such as commercial centers, hospitals, airports, restaurants or hotels … This is the product line. Especially with silicate layer and load-bearing glass, reducing noise. The anti-rough layer also makes cleaning work easier and more economical than conventional flooring. LG Hausy plastic flooring also has a surface coating with UV protection, protects the pattern under the influence of sunlight. This surface also has anti-bacterial, anti-fouling, scratch-resistant ability, etc. suitable for many people walking places like sports areas.

Plastic flooring

Besides, LG plastic flooring is also diverse in design, color and price. Users can completely choose the plastic floor model suitable for economic conditions. The maintenance process for LG plastic flooring is also easy, convenient and economical. LG plastic flooring is also very environmentally friendly. LG plastic flooring has been recognized as an environmentally friendly brand, achieving ISO 14001.

For many years, Morehome is proud to be one of the distributors of genuine LG plastic flooring products in Vietnam market. We always want to bring to Vietnam consumers genuine quality products and bring a new trend in modern interior design , bringing a completely new living space to Vietnamese houses. Let us help you choose the best plastic floor designs that suit your intended use. Hotline 0975438686!