Learn the preschool interior design criteria with the Gamuda 3D perspective


For children, preschool is the place where children are filled with new things and ready for later learning journeys. Here, for the first time, the baby will be in contact with friends and teachers. Learn new knowledge. So an interesting, friendly preschool interior design is a matter of great need for education managers to consider and invest. In order to create a professional learning and playing environment for children, they can help them develop most comprehensively.


>> Gamuda preschool interior design inspires learning for children


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Colors, textures in preschool interior design


In terms of textures in preschool interior designs, architects need to find suitable images with funny and lovely features.

Take the vastness of the universe, or the intimacy of nature, stimulate the creativity, curiosity of the baby and also help children learn more things around them.


truong mam non dep

Interior space with harmonious colors


In terms of color, preschool interior space should focus on cheerful, imaginative colors towards things in life such as his sun red, yellow of sunshine, …

Avoid cold colors, neutral colors, feeling sad when roaming preschool furniture . It will greatly affect the child’s awareness and young soul.


Safe nursery school interior design


Ideas that must best focus on child safety are paramount in early childhood interior designs .

At this age, children do not have comprehensive awareness about life, cannot know the dangers around them, interior design ideas should use durable, light, non-toxic materials.


truong mam non dep

Interior design with safe items


Not to mention children who have hobbies like biting and hugging toys, so selected items also need to be painted with safe and non-toxic paints.

Also need to minimize sharp objects, or slippery areas. If there are such objects in the interior space, precautions or precautions should be taken to ensure the safety of the baby.

A small flaw in the preschool interior design also has the potential to bring incalculable consequences for children.


Space, light in preschool interior design

The importance of light in preschool interior design

Light in the interior space of preschool is very important, at the age of the baby’s development, the eyes are the most vulnerable parts.

Therefore, the light in the interior space of preschools must also be harmonized, too strong or too weak, which will directly affect the vision and the process of receiving knowledge.


preschool interior design

Interior space of preschool is flooded with light


How should we choose lighting systems in preschools?

It is recommended to use anti-light lamps and create a space filled with natural light to achieve the best effect.

At the same time, preschool interior design needs a uniformly installed lighting system, with sufficient light, avoiding darkness, which will frighten the baby.


Create a play space for children


The best way for kids to learn at this time is to combine with the games, give them inspiration and excitement, and at the same time we bring the appropriate knowledge.

Therefore, preschool interior design should ensure that there are large spaces, enabling children to play, explore life and study.


truong mam non dep

Space for rest and play for children


These areas, items used in interior decoration should be used as plastic and rubber items to avoid injury and impact.

The above are some considerations when making an idea for a preschool interior design , and we will introduce to you the Gamuda kindergarten interior design that is loved by parents .


3D image of interior design of Gamuda preschool

truong mam non dep

Perspective of Gamuda preschool hall

truong mam non dep

Reception area and polite parents

truong mam non dep

Space fun with many colors

truong mam non dep

Spacious and airy space

Truong mam non gamuda

Multi-color bookcases create brilliant space

Truong mam non gamuda

Area to read stories and play toys

preschool interior design

The shelves are tidy and scientific

preschool interior design

Unique decorated wall

preschool interior design

Space filled with natural light

preschool interior design

The kitchen area is clean

preschool interior design

The dining table area of the children


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