Introduce detailed features of Quick Sales management software


We have all the features you need to manage sales,
Since you started your business until you have a large chain of stores and sales

Product Management
Enter data quickly with excel

tải xuống

Unlimited storage

Easy lookup, basic to advanced filters

Print product barcode

Managing categories and brands

Control of errors, failures and losses

Property management – color, product size

Allows checking the product promotions

Manage related categories (accessories sold with main products)

Manage storage time, products not / not sold

Set product sale prices vary between branches

Synchronize products with Shopee, Lazada, Vatgia, Adayroi

Warehouse Management
Importing goods, returning suppliers

Article transfer between warehouses in the chain

Attach photo vouchers to the import and export coupons

Manual inventory / barcode scanner

Inventory by product / catalog / whole

Automatic balance compensation after inventory

Check survival numbers between stores

Track product expiry date

Keep track of the history of deleting the import / export checklist

Request for warehousing

Set the minimum and maximum inventory limits

Forecast of import based on actual inventory and sales speed

Arrange product location in stock

Report empty storage area

Sales manager at the store
Count the number of visitors to the store

Allow checking inventory of products when selling

Support both wholesale and retail

Sales, delivery by barcode reader

Connect printer, automatic cash drawer

Calculate sales for sales / technical staff

Support to transfer online orders to retail coupons

Associated with revenue and expenditure and customer debt

Declare the number of people entering the store, measuring the percentage of buyers / visitors

Save customer information, check purchase history

Automatically calculate discounts according to promotion and coupon programs

Automatically quote gifts with products

Automatically accumulate and focus according to the program

Control invoices with discounts, points, and debts easily

Manage orders online, delivery
Synchronize orders from website, Facebook, e-commerce floor

Automatically calculate shipping fees, optimize shipping rates

Connect directly with VNPost, Viettel Post, GHN, GHTK

Print multiple coupons at the same time quickly, without errors

Update order status continuously

Support processing complaints and receiving processing results on the system

Allows configuration of shipping fees, selection of transport services by region

Notice of remaining status / out of stock for telesale staff to confirm the application

Thread processing helps telesale to confirm uninterrupted / unmodified

Summary of goods to be taken for warehouse staff

Minutes of handover of the total amount of applications sent correctly

Control payment 5 times / day

Management of receiving and transferring goods to prevent loss

Send SMS and email to customers when new orders / update order status

Automatically record increase / decrease of fund when selling / importing goods

Allow to set up cash receipts, report debt with banks

Customer debt by day

Liabilities for customers according to sales staff

Supplier debt

Debt payment service

Debt at the beginning of the account

Declaring the list of accounting accounts

Synthesis arises reciprocal

General diary

Business Report

Accounting balance sheet

Install and decentralize employee management
Unlimited and no charge according to users

Decentralize rights by group of rights / employees

Report on sales, commissions for cashiers, sales, customer care and technology

Follow employees closely, closely all activities of staff

Block employees from viewing entry / inventory / reporting prices

Block employees from editing old data

Block manual price / discount

Block employees from confirming customers

Prevent salespeople / orderers when out of stock

Block IP – only allowed to access the software at the store

Mandatory entry of guest phones when discounted / accumulated

Do not allow returns for too long

Customer care management
Summary of purchase history from every sales channel

Group customers by characteristics

Issuing customer card

Save customer care history: Call, text, email, give / subtract points

Automated customer hierarchy based on total cumulative / accumulated monthly / monthly deposits

Send email / SMS right after buying / ordering / reporting delivery order

Email / SMS promotional messages / happy birthday / card rankings

Schedule email / SMS after a time of purchase to remind customers to buy

Manage point promotions
Flexibly install automatic discount program according to the following criteria:

According to the order value
According to each product.
According to the product catalog.
By customer level.
According to the number of products.
According to the product price.
Gift with product: buy A – give B

Earn points by invoice / list

Calculate sales commission by invoice / product

Discount coupons: Use 1 time / many times, automatically generate code / self declaration

Affiliate on the website – share the referral code and receive commissions

Reporting system