Interior design of single apartment – Studio apartment


So what is a studio apartment?

Studio apartment is an apartment area from 25m2 to 65m2. In addition, apartments do not divide space. Except for the bathroom, all function rooms are in the same space.

Advantages of studio apartments

  • Small-sized apartments should be affordable, suitable for singles or newly married couples without children.
  • Usually in the center, it is quite convenient for travel
  • With an integrated space it saves energy for lighting, heating and cleaning. You can get everything without having to run through the rooms.


  • Small area, so it is quite difficult to design the interior of a single apartment building that is functional and beautiful.
  • Because of the same space, it will lack privacy, comfort when there are guests and when the space is right next to washing machine or refrigerator …

The design of the apartment interior for singles  to be fully functional and beautiful is a difficult problem for those who do not have the expertise and experience. However for architects and interior designers, nothing can be difficult for them.

The following is shared from the long-time architects of HomeXinh Furniture for Studio apartment design.


Note when designing interior apartments for single apartments with studio apartments

  • Should use light and neutral colors: The bright and neutral colors, especially white colors have the effect of expanding the space very large. It makes your apartment look larger than the real area. Contributing to the airy appearance of a small area apartment.
  • Versatile or smart furniture: If choosing a color helps to increase the sense of spaciousness, versatile or smart furniture is a real space saving measure to increase empty space when not in use. some functional items.

For example, a washing machine attached to the bottom of the sink is an excellent space saving solution.


Interior design for apartments Multipurpose furniture for studio apartments

You can put the sleeping space up to the attic if possible:  To overcome the lack of private space for the bedroom, you can put the bed up if possible. This job does a good job, because it is possible to create a private sleeping space and can use the space below to do other functions such as a closet or work corner, or free space. …


Get your bed up high 1


Get your bed up high 2

Use blinds to separate the sleeping space:  If you can’t put your bed up, you can also use curtains to create a private space for your bedroom.


Separating the bed by curtain

Modern minimalist style:  With a small area, you should not design sophisticated furniture. Not only is not beautiful, but also makes the space become cumbersome, cheesy and secretive. Simplicity and modernity are the key to small spaces.

Some beautiful, impressive Studio interior designs

  • Beautiful 30m2 studio apartment

Apartment entrance is designed with simple, personality hangers. A mirror hanging right at the entrance helps open space and homeowners can mirror the mirror, embellish it before going out.


Uniquely unconventional interior design – with neat tidy entrance

The next path has one side of the cupboard, shelf, and one side is the kitchen area and the sink is simple but fully functional.


Single apartment interior design for entrance with two sides is kitchen and shelf system

Next is the living room and office area.


Living, entertainment and working areas

You will wonder where the sleeping area is, which is the secret of this apartment. The bed is right behind the kitchen in the same cabinet with the kitchen.


Bed next to the kitchen

So, it is nearly enough, right? With only the bathroom left, you will have a comfortable apartment.


Bathroom studio apartment 30m2

  • Some interior designs of other studio apartments

Sample studio 1 apartment


Sample studio 2 apartments


Sample studio 3 apartments


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 No matter how small your apartment is, HomeXinh architects will have a solution to help you. So, don’t hesitate, share your small apartment status and requirements, your wishes. We will provide the best possible solutions. With a variety of service packages such as interior design of high-end apartments, interior design of low-cost apartments, villas, town houses, interior design. HomeXinh failed to be single, family … so HomeXinh can serve all needs of customers.


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