District 2 – a “gold” address is being sought by investors, as well as customers, to find a suitable apartment. There are many factors that explain the increasing heat of the apartment here. Conveniently located next to the center of District 1, the transportation system is upgraded, increasing investment from foreign companies forms comfortable complexes as top factors. Catching up with the trend, Morehome introducedvilla design in District 2 in the neoclassical style to customers.

Large area for homeowners to decorate the common space

The neoclassical style design is suitable for spaces that are spacious enough, because the interior design is often picky and requires a lot of space. So this is also a point to note if you do not want the living space to become frustrated. Entering from the big door, the space is filled with mainstream white, creamy or beige tones that turn color, and stand out as mysterious black details as a highlight. Surely any visitor to the house will be impressed with this luxurious space.

Impressed with interior design in neoclassical 2 district

Living room design magnificent space.

Interior designs tend to emphasize the contours, mainly curves in the design, the elaborate carved strokes but not too cumbersome. Sofa set with gray color, elegant polka dot pattern in bright space. A special highlight in the living space is the regal chandelier with fancy hanging designs.

Impressed with interior design in neoclassical 2 district

Dining room with high quality wooden tables and chairs.

Selecting dining tables in villa design , architectures are exquisite when choosing colors and uniform tones with sofa sets and curtains.  The layout of the dining table and adjacent kitchen area bring comfort to homeowners. Still the main white tones, bright with sound wall design acrylic wood material. The luxurious stone cladding kitchen stands out, connecting with a very handy and clean bar for the kitchen, the design of reflective metal refrigerator contributes to creating a modern kitchen.

Lighting makes an important factor to highlight interior design

Master bedroom features a luxurious and luxurious neoclassical villa architecture. The bed is located in the middle of the room, the blanket is deep and warm and warm and the wood details are deep in the room. To enhance the atmosphere of a resting place, wooden tables with stylized lamps are an ideal choice.


Impressed with interior design in neoclassical 2 district

In order to brighten the space, KTS uses a lot of windows with different designs to catch the light, bringing positive energy to the whole room.
Still a partition separating the dressing room and bedroom space, but Morehome architects choose a strange design wall, but still do not make the space uncomfortable. Ceiling play locker designed to allow homeowners to save a lot of costumes