Images of architecture of a 1-storey modern flat roof in Da Nang



  • Owner: Anh Phong
  • Garden area: 150m2
  • Area of ​​the garden: 265m2
  • Height: 4.25m
  • Design style: modern
  • Usability: Living room, kitchen, dining room, 3 bedrooms, car garage, sauna and other function rooms.

Images of architecture of a 1-floor garden house of Mr. Phong

Beautiful design of 1-storey villas

1-storey garden house designed in modern style. From the outside, it will feel like a square block in the middle of the forest. In front of the garden house is designed a small lake, green all year round. White is chosen as the main color in combination with modern materials such as tempered glass, concrete, metal.

Modern and interesting design style for homeowners

Because it is designed to be the main resort, the entrance of the house is designed from the back. Big stones are used for walkways. Car garage is designed to hide behind a door made of wood fake plastic. The yellow color of this material helps the house architecture become more refined.

The villa with green space combines beautiful lake

The LED bulbs are installed in the walkway area to increase aesthetics and provide light for each target area.

A great choice for one-story villas

The rest space is optimal, the couches have legs moving in convenient locations for sightseeing, sunbathing, etc. Around the garden, the plants and rocks are arranged in a self But it is interesting and impressive.

Admire the panoramic view of the villa

From the top perspective, we can see the unique in architectural design. Above the house is a courtyard of green grass blending with nature outside. Clean energy is generated from solar panels. All create a unique architecture, this is an ideal rest space for everyone.

Architectural design drawings of garden furniture in Da Nang

  1. Lobby: 6.71 m²
  2. Main hall: 7.31 m²
  3. Kitchen: 13.00 m²
  4. Storage cabinets: 2.08 m²
  5. Dining room: 13.71 m²
  6. Living room: 32.77 m²
  7. Bathroom: 2.91 m²
  8. Corridor + locker room: 12.56 m²
  9. Master bedroom: 26.40 m²
  10. Bedroom child 1: 10.99 m²
  11. 2: 11.01 m² child bedroom
  12. Bathroom: 9.83 m²
  13. Sauna: 12.56 m²
  14. Garage: 33.67 m²
Design drawings of a modern garden house with a roof

Design drawings of a modern garden house with a roof

Here are some pictures of beautiful 150m2 garden furniture in Da Nang:

Interior design takes advantage of light and can take in the view outside

The interior space is modernly designed with the main color is white combined with the yellow of wood, gray and a little black. This combination creates depth for the building. The living room is simply designed with luxurious felt sofas. Television shelf from industrial wood, TV mounted on the wall creates neatness. Glass material is used to make space more airy.

Living room with modern design

The adjoining designed kitchen, dining room and living room create ventilation. This is also the type of design found in most modern villas and gardens. Carefully meticulous functional areas make every activity easier.

Interior space of the villa

Above is an architectural design of a garden house with a flat roof in a modern style. Hope this will be the garden house model you are looking for. To own a luxurious and modern house, please contact HomeXinh by hotline: 0971 825 669