Dong Nai again “fever land”?


From the purpose of speculation, buyers usually only surf quickly, not paying attention to the real value, even the legality of the land.

Dong Nai’s real estate market has shown signs of warming up since the end of April 2019, when there is information on infrastructure such as: deploying the Cat Lai bridge project, starting Long Thanh airport and making Bien Hoa – Vung Tau highway. Once again, real estate in areas like Nhon Trach, Long Thanh and TP. Bien Hoa was hunted again by investors.

This fact has led to land prices in Phu Huu, Dai Phuoc, Phu Dong and Phu Hoi communes (Nhon Trach district), Tam Phuoc and Phuoc Tan communes (Bien Hoa City), Long An, Long Duc and Loc An. … increased day by day.

The price of land being shouted increased by 50%

Compared to the previous time, the price of Nhon Trach, Long Thanh, and Bien Hoa land has been staggering to rise up to 30-50%. This is the third time these areas witnessed a fever before the impact of information on infrastructure development.

These infrastructure information are all things that people care about, long-awaited. Therefore, many real estate companies have drawn perfect images of high-end commercial centers and residential areas here. Investors in Saigon, Binh Duong, even Da Nang and Hanoi are rushing to buy land for investment, making the land prices blow up gradually, especially those located near Cat Lai ferry. and Long Thanh airport project.

Running along the major roads of Dai Phuoc and Phu Dong communes, there are hundreds of real estate brokers ‘centers’, lampposts, stumps, fences that are sealed with leaflets selling land with steaming content. such as: 100m2 residential land for less than VND 700 million, 10m wide road, for District 2 only five minutes … But when contacting the phone number listed on the leaflet, the PV is posted by the person who posted it. Now, the price has increased to about VND 15 million / m2 for residential land, agricultural land is VND 8 million / m2.

According to information from the local people, the price of land here increased, but not as high as the stork said. Mr. Tu, a resident of Dai Phuoc commune, affirmed: “People who ask to buy land are all from other places so they don’t know the real price. For example, on the main road, Dai Phuoc commune costs about 20 million VND / m2, but the broker offered 30 million VND / m2 ”.

With the psychology of buying quickly, the foreign investors sometimes rushed to make decisions despite the high price. Ms. Le Thi Thanh said: “At the beginning of the year, I sold five sao of land for 8 billion VND, now the new land owner offers 12 billion VND.”

Land price in Long Thanh district in 2015 is only about VND 300,000 / m2, at this time, the airport project investment plan has not been approved. But when there is planning information, the land has shot up to 3 million VND / m2, up 10 times and now has been blown up by 8-10 million VND / m2. In the residential project in Phuoc Tan and Tam Phuoc communes (Bien Hoa City), a land is being offered for sale for over VND 1 billion, while, in 2017, only about VND 400-500 million copper.

fever of Dong Nai land
Many areas in Dong Nai province are feverish again. Photo: Vu Hoi

Hugging the land is like “holding a bomb”

Economic experts say, the real estate market has always developed in the cycle of increasing and decreasing heat. Land prices for the period of 2019-2020 are expected to decrease to return closer to the real value. Along with that, Dong Nai province has just issued a decision to adjust prices, so the land price here is relatively stable.

Most people who buy land in residential projects in the province are speculators, buy and resell for the purpose of making profits, eating big projects, so the stork is more likely to blow up prices. high. After only a short time, if you realize that the projects have not changed, investors will quickly remove goods to recover capital. However, besides successful surfers, there are many who have to “hold bombs” for gathering soil.

In 2019, Nhon Trach district will recover nearly 4,100ha of land to implement 167 projects in the area. “The area of ​​the commune is nearly 1,700ha and there are nearly 1,000 ha planned for projects. If investors buy agricultural land at the price of over 1 billion VND / sao, after the project is implemented, the land will be compensated only 100-200 million VND / sao. So the speculators will suffer heavy losses, “said Mr. Tran Thanh Hoang – Chairman of Dai Phuoc Commune People’s Committee.

According to the affirmation of the leader of Phu Dong Duong commune, the land planning in the area has been publicly announced by the commune for people to understand. Therefore, to avoid risks, investors should go directly to the commune office to find out before deciding to buy land.

The land fever also made the locals not afraid, because, at that time, the land acquisition for implementing the project will be very difficult because the prescribed compensation price is often much lower than the market price. .

According to the confirmation of Mr. Truong Van Phuong – Head of the Natural Resources & Environment Department of Long Thanh district, land prices are being blown too high by speculators, causing many people to be deeply involved in investment and transfer. However, the number of people who want to buy real land is not much, so it is easy to lead to the risk of real estate bubble as in previous years.

An official of the Department of Construction in Dong Nai province said that in the province, there are many projects being implemented simultaneously and offered for sale even if the infrastructure has not been completed. But for speculative purposes, buyers are not too concerned about infrastructure factors as well as attached utilities. This fact has led to the situation where many residential areas have been formed but are very desolate because no people come in, significantly affecting the overall development of the locality