Classic sofa – luxurious and classy neoclassical sofa


Inspired by creativity in Asian – European design style, neoclassical sofa is more than just a regular sofa set, it also symbolizes a classy and novel interior architecture. With this level and novelty, it has contributed significantly to creating the mysterious features for architectural works.

Talking about the neoclassical style is about the harmonious combination of two classical and modern elements. Neoclassical sofa is not outside this combination and through the hand with the sculptural touches, ingenious it has become a bright decoration in your home. Neoclassical sofa inherits the finesse in classic interior design but has a combination of modern furniture so the sophisticated lines have been reduced. Despite the reduction, it still exudes a splendid and luxurious beauty, shown in details, patterns, lines … products. With this luxurious, splendid beauty, neoclassical sofa will surely bring to your living room space the impression and mystic beauty to enchant.

classic sofa

The living room is the place you first encounter when entering someone’s house and in the living room, the sofa is the interior that you will leave your eyes first. If you are impressed by it and when you sit on it you feel a pleasant comfort, you will remember this feeling and appreciate the host’s taste. So it is not too much to say that if the living room is the face of the house, the sofa is the face of the living room and above all it is the face of the owner.

Neoclassical sofa with royal style furniture has a sophisticated modernity so when present in the house, the owner always feels successful with the golden life full of fullness. In particular, this product is suitable for decorating many spaces by unique and flexible innovation.


In Hanoi, Morehome is currently one of the addresses specializing in providing general furniture and neoclassical sofas in particular. The neoclassical sofa here has many colors, eye-catching motifs are easy to combine with many architectural works. It contributes a lot to creating a formal, polite look for your home and is very popular. If you need to use neoclassical sofa, please contact us at phone number 097.543.8686.

Some neoclassical sofa models