Choose a pink décor for a brilliant living room


Usually we still default to the concept that pink is suitable for the bedroom space for women. However, if you use pink with different color intensity, from gentle pink colors, we can completely create an interior space of a unique living room that expresses the luxury of unique vitage style. and impressive.


Living room with pink color

In fact, according to the experience of long-time interior design experts, it is shown that pink is one of the extremely easy colors to color with other colors when designing furniture for a home or in a room. It is common that few homeowners dare to use pink to decorate the living room, but the example of the room below has shown that pink completely can be a bad choice because it has There can be a variety of combinations with green, blue, green, red and even gray colors.


Not only are there a variety of color possibilities, but pink colors in different shades will allow you to choose the styles you like best. Pink pastel will help your living room have a gentle, elegant and elegant style alternating a bit of femininity. If in case you need a more powerful, you can use pink fuchisa which will help the room become modern in combination with the demolition, the accents and personality of the house owner are clearly portrayed. definition. A little difference is that the deep pink tones will help bring a sense of luxury and sophistication to the room. You can refer to the model of interior design project  of living room Ms. Hang, implemented  by HomeXinh experts.


When interior design using pink will also help you get more choices. So when you catch this, firms specializing in  apartment design have not overlooked this charming color scheme. You can use pink tones for painting the walls with light shades to make the space bright. This space will make the room not too bright but convenient in combination with other furniture.


Impressive living room with pink tones