At the end of the year, everyone was busy with interior decoration. Homeowners refurbish each area: living room design, kitchen design, bedroom refurbishment to welcome a new and safe year. Here, 99 ways to design feng shui furniture that you may not know.

Decorate the living room

For the No.1 preoccupied space of every Vietnamese family, after removing old furniture, which is no longer suitable for space, homeowners will decorate the house, furnish a good trend. any layout that the family feels like the best.

1. Pay attention to the main entrance area

Starting with the lobby area, which is regarded as “the beginning of luck”, the homeowner must ensure that there is no mess so that energy is always circulated. Sprawling clothes hangers, irregular shoes will reduce the amount of positive energy in your home.

99 ways to decorate your home on feng shui New Year

Home decorations always start from checking the living room main area

Therefore, a wall locker or a shoe cabinet will compact the entire space. The built-in shoe cabinet structure will not make the entrance space invasive. In order to activate the space that is actually most convenient for this location, you should place a beautiful mirror in the fragrant flower. Energy will certainly be abundant.

99 ways to decorate your home on feng shui New Year

Decorate the villa with beautiful small garden area suitable to the area

If you own a townhouse or a villa space in front of the house owner can redesign the garden. This New Year, you put a beautiful feng shui tree and light up both sides of the door, this perfect front door image will represent wealth, attract fortune.

2.    Design the interior living room proportional to the space

Depending on the area of the house, the furniture of the living room such as furniture , sofa, chair, TV shelf, drop lamp, tea table, etc. all contribute to making the space fit. Choosing to buy furniture always makes us headache because the furniture available is always inadequate in size. Many homeowners face trouble when buying an oversized TV shelf that occupies the entire area of other furniture items.

99 ways to decorate your home on feng shui New Year

The interior is commensurate with the design area of the townhouse

The interior layout of feng shui is often clearly shown in the interior design drawings. Homeowners should not block any interior doors, always leave the entrance clear. Sofa set is usually split into two parts, the main sofa rests against the wall to create a sense of security and peace for the whole family. The illuminated tree lamp was placed from the corner of the room, avoiding the other door.

Decorate the kitchen

The kitchen design incorporates dining tables that are valued, considered in feng shui housing applications, because the kitchen is the place to create the energy inside you with the food and space you live in. According to feng shui masters, eating space has a great influence on the spleen, the Chinese are definitely the family’s eating-related eating room.

1. Dining room interior design with decorative mirrors

99 ways to decorate your home on feng shui New Year

Decorative mirrors bring a lot of positive energy to the kitchen

To balance energy in this area, Morehome suggests homeowners should place decorative mirrors or mirror walls in this space. If you want to design a kitchen that is in harmony with nature, the green space element (raw gas) such as a flower vase and plant wall will increase the suitability.

2. Check the quality of your kitchen cabinets

In addition to buying kitchen cabinets with the best quality wood and natural wood, the arrangement of utility space and optimal space is also more concerned. Ensure the distance of 60 – 80 cm above kitchen cabinets and lower kitchen cabinets; sinks and kitchen tables are not kitchen to each other even in the design of kitchen islands and parallel kitchens.

99 ways to decorate your home on feng shui New Year

Always ensure the design of standard feng shui kitchen from the smallest details

In addition, if the owner owns a kitchen glass or kitchen table with too many elements of black and red colors, the homeowner needs to replace it immediately because it is easy to create sudden fire or electric problems. It is disastrous, isn’t it? In order for the homeowner to have the best choice of appropriate kitchen cabinet designs as well as kitchen glass and kitchen countertops, visit our official websites like http://tubepdep.vn /, http://licoglass.com/, http://dadep.vn/.
The location of the kitchen can be in any kitchen space however, the owner should avoid placing it under a window or directly facing the kitchen or the front door, as this will cause damage in the long term to homeowners.

Decorating bedrooms

1. Neutral color is the best

Although this seems to be very controversial among brands, art decor fans, Retro, … However, we will talk about the power of these neutral colors in the righteousness. creating a quiet space, deeper sleep.

99 ways to decorate your home on feng shui New Year

The house design has a modern and sophisticated style in using neutral colors

In addition, neutral colors have the least incentive to focus on objects, so during the time in the room, homeowners always have the most natural relaxation without needing to meditate. To refurbish if the homeowner has a sleep problem, the neutral paint or wallpaper will quickly help to change your entire space. If conditions change, the color chair is too prominent, the carpet blinding will be the homeowner, so pack it out with the old year.

99 ways to decorate your home on feng shui New Year

Mẫu thiết kế nội thất phòng ngủ phong cách tân cổ điển Morehome

2.    Kê giường chuẩn phong thủy

Đón vượng khí cho hai vợ chồng bằng cách kê giường lại cho đúng như mẫu phòng ngủ này
Để khuyến khích một giấc ngủ ngon hơn, kết cấu giường phải có đầu giường cao hơn đuôi giường và đặt đầu giường dựa vào bức tường vững chắc. Lý tưởng nhất, giường không được hướng thẳng cửa phòng ngủ. Đừng quên đặt bên giường tap đầu giường có chiều cao ngang với độ cao của giường. Gầm giường thoáng hoặc thiết kế hộc tủ gọn gàng sẽ cân bằng năng lượng cho bạn.

Trang trí phòng thờ

Không phải gia đình nào cũng sở hữu diện tích đủ rộng để sở hữu phòng thờ tiêu chuẩn như biệt thự hay nhà phố nhiều tầng. Tuy nhiên, gia chủ hoàn toàn có thể làm mới không gian này bằng việc tự tạo khu vực thờ tự trang nghiêm cho ngôi nhà của mình.

1. Make separate partitions

Home design from the beginning Morehome always offers many options for homeowners in the construction of the family altar. Partitioning is one of the easiest options to implement in alternatives. The worship space is separated, creating a more dignified feeling.

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99 ways to decorate your home on feng shui New Year

CNC wall is used as a partition for worshiping space with living room

In particular, according to Fenghui’s experts, Morehome added: “Creating a static position on the right and left sides of the altar creates peace in the family, especially if the homeowners choose the altar. If the altar is high in the position, this air flow is not much affected. ”

99 ways to decorate your home on feng shui New Year

When arranging the space for worshiping with families receiving houses before Tet, NO:

• Altar directly with the door
• Altar in the walkway
• Altar near the toilet
• Altar applied to the bed
• Arrange more reasonable

2. Decorate the shrine room with horizontal diaphragm, couplets

99 ways to decorate your home on feng shui New Year

Decorate the shrine room with horizontal or parallel sentences

Hoanh is usually painted with golden letters, with non-horizontal diaphragms of letters. The words written on the diaphragm are all written in soft characters from the characters of Nho, Chữ nôm and can be annotated by the national language, to pay homage to the descendants of the ancestors. Both sides of the altar can also be renovated with pairs of sentences. In addition to using decorations, the verse also recorded the commandments teaching the children the traditional moral values, praising the tradition of the lineage or praying for peace and prosperity.

Decorative balcony

For feng shui in this aerodynamic area, for apartments with balcony layout, can homeowners consider this area clean? If any tree dies, replace it immediately. However, your balcony has never been constructed or decorated before, so a revolutionary change is perfectly reasonable.

99 ways to decorate your home on feng shui New Year

Caring for the balcony of the town house, villa with bonsai, relaxing tables and chairs

99 ways to decorate your home on feng shui New Year

Form design home ownership simple balcony

In form of balcony with walls, glass windows, closed roofs such as apartment buildings, homeowners can arrange with resting chairs in rest form. Tables and chairs can choose a variety of designs but the material needs to be able to withstand the impact of sun or rain. On the balcony side can be constructed with simple or railing plant pots with cool wall-hanging vegetation. Nice and easy to implement, right?

Good feng shui depends on the owner’s interior design ability. A lot of advice is placed on home decoration before Tet, homeowners should choose from reputable units that really know and execute many works to have the most authentic look. If you are not satisfied or have not found a way to get rid of the interior mess, drop yourself and call us. Morehome will rebuild your home and create a completely new look for your home. Hotline: 0975438686 (Mr. Chinh)