Neoclassical town house – architectural style appeared in the mid-18th century and developed during the 19th century in Europe and North America. To this day, the neoclassical house design style has always “usurped” with the aesthetic value of the utmost. In Vietnam, the dental design dissolves, you will think of large, large spaces with delicate and sharp pattern lines. However, in this article, Morehome will bring you a more interesting perspective with 11 designs of 2-storey neoclassical town house, 3 floors, 4 floors, 5 luxurious floors, suitable to the area. The land is big and small and different without losing its inherent beauty.

1. Design of 2-storey neoclassical townhouse

The model of 2-storey neoclassical townhouses is very suitable for the climate and aesthetic sense of Vietnamese people with spiritual values and beautiful beauty over time. Features of a 2-storey neoclassical town house with quite a lot of windows that are open and humid, suitable for monsoon tropical climate in Vietnam, so many homeowners love and choose for their lovely home. mine. Each architectural line is meticulously elaborated, reflected on the level of the owner and created a highlight for the house.

Thietkekientruc_Phantom ...

Design of an adjacent 2-storey neoclassical townhouse in a high-class urban area

2. Design of 3-storey neoclassical townhouse

Not too fussy in the details, appearing with a graceful look but still expressing the strong, neoclassical neoclassical townhouse like attracting every look when passing through the land it reigns. This 3-storey neoclassical townhouse design uses innovative shapes that feature the language of the neoclassical architecture, opening a new space of charm.

The smooth, soft lines are dotted on pillars to create a feeling of flexibility but no less firm. The roof is also the choice of many Vietnamese families.

ThietKeKienTruc_Biet ...

The roof helps to increase the appearance of the overall design of a 3-storey neoclassical townhouse , while minimizing the moldiness of the roofing wall left by rainwater.


The neoclassical town house sketchup with wooden brown markings of the door, the blue of the railing creates a perfect, delicate combination.

Thiet-Ke-Kien-Truc-B ...

A solid 3-storey neoclassical townhouse space at Vinhomes Riverside

ke-ke-biet-thu (2) ...

Design a beautiful 3-storey neoclassical townhouse . Every detail and meticulously smooth, soft line makes the house more attractive than the adjacent blocks.

3. Design of 4-storey neoclassical townhouse

The distinctive beauty is easily recognizable in the 4-storey neoclassical townhouse designs  in particular and the neoclassical design in general is the spatial layout, the pattern of decorative columns of the pillars, the walls, the doors in, …. it is bold neoclassical. These details exuded nobility and elegance, giving viewers a sense of the wealth of their homeowners.

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The walls, columns, planes and spaces all have a clear division. Thanks to the golden ratio in the design of beautiful neoclassical townhouses to bring space harmony.

thiet-ke-biet-thu-ph ...

This 4-storey neoclassical townhouse model will always be the homeowner’s pride and is a typical model in Morehome’s designs.

4. Design of 5-storey neoclassical townhouse

Not only is the design of the 5-storey neoclassical town house, but the neoclassical type brought about in general has brought luxury, making it become a popular trend of architecture in the moment. The current. This is the architecture that requires architects to have a high level of expertise and understanding, because all the lines and details of the project must be refined and most eye-catching.

Thiet-Ke-Biet-Thu-Ta ...

The premises of this French neoclassical townhouse are not too wide, but still ensure the characteristics of the style chosen by the owner.


The 5-storey neoclassical townhouse design  has a terrace in Hanoi, the façade is firmly designed and demonstrates the strength in architectural features. The decorative patterns for the façade are arranged in reasonable locations to create the most points for this house.


This 5-storey neoclassical façade  , each of the classic soft lines, makes it hard for anyone to take their eyes.

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